Samhuinn at the Grove

We had a full turn out for our first ALGNC Samhuinn celebration October 28th. We started the evening with relaxation and final prep for the ceremony, then began the evening with a meditation prepared by Jeremy around a patio fire bowl. The evening was crisp with a fall chill and the sky was clear.

Our ceremony was conducted by all the members of the grove filling the roles in the ALGNC 2007 SamhuinnOBOD Samhuinn ceremony. The event was moving and full of wonderful magic, invoking all the seasonal energies of the night! The ceremony ended with blessings and offerings, finishing with dinner prepared by Wendy and Ken of roast, salad and drinks with desserts brought by Amanda. Matt provided wonderful sachets of herbs for the members during the ritual.

After eating, we spent a couple of hours sitting by the patio fire, talking and enjoying the night air.

Thanks to all the members for their participation and making this a perfect night!

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