Winter Solstice, Endings and Beginnings

As we close the final weeks of 2007, I want to thank everyone who has made ALG a wonderful place to belong!

I remember the first few months of the year, sitting by myself at the coffee shop, wondering if anyone was interested in building a Druid Grove. Little did I know that we’d make such a strong foundation and create Awen’s Light Grove and have such success! We’ve closed the year with each of our 4 directions filled in our ceremonies and even a Herald to boot!

What we’ve accomplished this year:

  • Established monthly meetings to visit and plan events.
  • Began seasonal ceremonies as a Grove beginning Alban Elfed/Fall Equinox 2007.
  • Establish first Peace Grove planting at Bass Lake Park.
  • Officially ‘aligned’ with Arbor Day Society for tree plantings.
  • Consecrated our Wilderness Grove site with sand from Iona, Scotland.

With the OBOD program at the core of our Druidry, we also share the flexibility to grow our spirit the way each of us needs, while having enough in common to make a group that genuinely enjoys spending time together in ceremony or learning Nature’s spiritual lessons. Free from dogma, but yet having common spiritual landmarks, ALG can journey forward into the growing light offering something unique to each member that helps them connect with their own personal divinity.

What’s in store for 2008? Growth, exploration, making a difference the way only Druids can! I see us providing help and mentoring to those continuing on the OBOD correspondence course. We have new Bards, Ovates and perhaps even a Druid in the next 12 months. We have a group that is interested in making a difference on the environment, expanding the awareness that Earth is our home and it is alive and needs our stewardship as well as our respect. We are also leaders and examples of religious tolerance and acceptance of all faiths and creeds, and extend a warm welcome to all that can come together with open minds, leaving judgment and prejudice behind.

We are more than our individual spiritual parts, and all connected within the vast fabric of the Universe. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season, full of Yuletide merriment!

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