Mabon behind us – looking to Samhuinn

We had a wonderful Mabon ceremony and ritual Thursday. The misty evening lit by the torches in our Grove added a wonderful atmosphere to this magical night and the OBOD ceremony was performed wonderfully. Special thanks to Matt for his work in helping me put this together for the grove! Additional thanks to Wendy for filling the role of ‘Lady Ceridwen’ – she’s a natural.

Samhuinn is around the corner. We have our ALG ceremony planned for Friday evening, October 26th at 7:00pm at Wilderness Grove. I really get excited this time of the year! This is a wonderfully magic time of year ends, and year beginnings and will be the first ALG ceremony to mark its passage. We will perform OBOD initiations for those who are interested and further work on developing ALG’s “inner plane grove” as well. We will be doing some practice runs in October to prepare for this event.

I’ve had a request to have ritual time to ‘charge’ items for members during the ceremony. This is an opportunity to bring something that you would like to imbue with deeper meaning and influence in your life, perhaps oghams, a talisman or some other item of importance. Also, take time to think about what thanksgiving or offering you would like to make to that special God/Goddess/Spirit/Ancestor in your life during the ceremony.

I’ve started using the Groups calendar tool too. You can review what’s coming up, and it will be sending out reminders as well to help you in your planning <here>

We will have a pre-grove planning meditation in October, date and time to be announced. The goal will be to review the site of the proposed Sacred Grove planting at Bass Lake park and to receive any special signs or instructions from the land. If all goes well, we hope to schedule this for November. We have a ‘green light’ from the park manager and he will provide a bench for the grove. We will be able to have a plaque added to the bench – I propose this:

“It is wise to listen to the voices of the trees,
for they tell us much that we might otherwise forget.” – Tacitus

Sacred Grove Site 2007 – Awen’s Light Grove –

I look forward to working with everyone in what is turning up to be a busy October!

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