Beltaine Ritual a Success

Awen’s Light Grove’s Beltane Ritual for 2008 was very memorable this year. Daphne and Daniel joined us in the circle and we said “Good luck and come back soon” to Amanda, who’s off to pursue some excellent acting opportunities.

We began our ritual with a meditation on the historical aspects of how Beltane has been celebrated, what the celebration was about, and other findings, read to us by Wendy, whose voice lent the right air of peace and contemplation.

The aroma of the incense, the purifying waters, the mighty sword – all created a truly strong and magickal area of ritual in the nemeton.

There was a very enjoyable Circle Reading in ritual, in which the first participant read the first line from a poem, the next participant reading the next line, and so on all around the circle – what a sense of interconnectedness and contribution by all!

One of the highlights of the ritual was the giving of a gift by the Green King and the Flower Queen to each of the participants, for us to remember the celebration by. Each of us in turn walked through the sacred purifying fires of Beltane to approach the King and Queen and receive our gifts.

The other highlight was Amanda’s wishing everyone well with much good energy, which was followed by our offering our flowers, received in ritual from Amanda, to the Fire along with good words for her happiness and best fortunes on her chosen path – it was a touching and heart-felt part of a very meaningful ritual.

Once our Beltane ritual was over, we sat down for a delicious feast, prepared by all – fresh salad, succulent pork loin roast, sweet and frothy dessert, washed down with cold beer and delicious wine. Excellent fellowship rounded out the feast nicely.

We then made our way out to the patio where we enjoyed drumming by Amanda, Ken, and Daniel – excellent drummers in their own rights – and some fun discussions on Pan and His energies. The Grove signed a “Good Luck and Come Back Soon” poster of Pan for Amanda to wish her well and give her something to remember us by, and there was much happiness had by all.

As usual, Awen’s Light Grove observed the holiday with fun fellowship and solemn ritual, a combination that continues to make our Grove’s ritual celebrations meaningful and moving.

See you at MidSummer!

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