Book Review: Living with Honour, a Pagan Ethics

I received my copy of ‘Living with Honour, a Pagan Ethics‘ by Emma Restall Orr. She is a 20+ year druid of OBOD and has written an incredible book on the values and ethics of Paganism. As this is a tricky subject, book coverall may not identify with every statement, but she deepens the conversation and draws on enough common ground to really enrich the foundation of Pagan spiritual practice as well as setting down some leadership on what it means to be a Pagan in the 21st century. I really find her way of talking to the philosophical issues while taking moments in her narrative to enlighten the spiritual aspects incredibly novel. It reads like a manifesto at times while contrasting foundations with society and even within Pagan practice itself. All the while connecting the reader to the emotional aspects of spirituality. Of all my reading, this is a unique book that every Pagan should read time and time again.

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