Alban Eilir Ceremony Springs into (Ritual) Action

On Saturday, March 22nd, in the first few minutes of the evening, Awen’s Light Grove celebrated the balance of Light and Dark with a beautiful and meaningful ritual, followed by much feasting and fellowship.

The Alban Eilir ritual was attended by Ken, Wendy, Amanda, and Matt. Our newest member Christine, and her husband Will, greatly honored the Grove by attending as well.

The ritual was celebrated according to the OBOD ceremony. Matt used his two-handed sword to cast the circle and Amanda brought a bouquet of beautiful Spring flowers she had gathered herself that were offered in ritual by the Mabon.

The ceremony culminated in an inspiring invitation to the participants who, after sacred words were spoken to them, were encouraged to “Wake and cross into the light”. This was followed immediately by a moving rite in which terracotta pots that had been filled with soil were seeded and watered, then blessed by the Lady Herself, with the words “May the warmth and light of the growing days bring seed into fruit.” – thanks to Ken and Wendy for donating and preparing the supplies for that.

We then feasted on homemade lasagna, fresh salad, and tasty Italian bread. After the feast, there was delicious chocolate pie that Amanda brought. And who can forget the impromptu drumming from two attendees who seemed to have hidden this spectacular talent for quite some time, while others lingered over (perhaps a second piece of …) the wonderful dessert.

There was lots of good conversation and laughter and fellowship as we contemplated what we each wanted to seed in our own lives for the year.

See you at the next exciting Awen’s Light Grove ritual – Beltaine

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