A Druid’s Path

Deciding to explore the Druid Path has been life enhancing while also challenging. As with any adventure or travel, I was excited and curious about what I would encounter.  I was wandering into territory which held familiarity as well as mysteries.  There would be open meadows and dark forests, mountains and valleys, there would be challenges which were intellectual, physical and emotional.  And it would be a much longer journey than I had imagined.  In fact, the mysterious and magical journey continues even after completing the Druid level program.

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids independent study program is not bound by a strict calendar.  Once enrolled in the course, the student proceeds at their own pace.  A very disciplined new Bard could finish the course in a year.  Most of us take much longer.  Exploring the mysteries of one’s self, one’s relationship to the elements, to seasons, to myths that inform us of history and ethics are relevant for modern Druids.  The Bard level sets the Druid student on their path. 

Out of deep respect for the journey and one another OBOD Druids do not discuss the specifics of the course.  There is support for each individual to have their own discoveries without knowing the “territory ahead”.  Acknowledging we are each engaged in a “mystery school” and that our discoveries and insights are our own is held in sacred trust.  OBOD provides qualified mentors to serve as guides, as needed, for each enrollee.  Since there are always questions that arise, creating a contact to whom you can direct questions is valuable.  These communications are usually via email unless the mentor and/or student prefer another method.

Awen’s Light Grove follows the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids ceremonies for the eight festivals that mark the wheel of the year.  Using the OBOD ceremony reminds us we are part of something much bigger than our local grove.  All over the globe there are fellow Druids following the same ritual, holding the same intentions for the good of the planet and all inhabitants.  Each individual and grove are weaving an interlacing magic.

If you love nature and it’s mysteries, if you want to know yourself more deeply, if you want to engage in supporting the web of connections with other beings (human and otherwise) you may find an enriching experience in enrolling in OBOD.  Awen’s Light Grove members look forward to sharing the journey with you.