Modern Day Experience with Air Elementals

I’ve always enjoyed flying, but it was this morning that I was so distinctly reminded of how exhilarating the experience is for my elemental Air sign of Aquarius.

I’m on a Delta flight sitting next to the door of the MD88 headed back to Raleigh. I’m reading deeply spiritual chapter of ‘The Salmon and the Spring’ by Jason Kirkey when I’m jerked back into the moment by the acceleration for take-off.

The door of this plane sounds as if the window is rolled down. It’s loud – like very loud. The scream of the engine startled me while almost instinctively I wanted to put my fingers in my ears. At the same time I was pushed back into my seat with an abrupt shove of force.

With only about a 40% load of passengers, the plane was designed to haul a lot more weight and today we are getting to experience the unbridled force of situational over-engineering.

As we thundered down the runway I took in the incredible drama of pure elemental air and fire. I could smell the fumes of kerosene while the deafening scream of the engines took us into a steep climb away from earth.

A poetic drama inspired by long dead creatures; perhaps a pterodactyl that never knew that she would be part of such incredible dance of elemental air wizardry millions of years in the future.

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