Happy 2010 Alban Hefin!

ALG celebrated this year’s Summer Solstice at Gaia’s Gardens in Raleigh NC. (not to be confused with the BBC photo of Stone Henge celebration pictured left)

This nicely centralized location was perfect place for the Keltrian based ceremony that was performed by Ailim with Sundruid supporting the ritual. The “Gardens” is nestled close to NC State campus and boasts beautiful oak, maple and various vines and shrubs. This was also the first morning ritual that Awen’s Light Grove has performed since our founding in January 2007.

It’s easy to get in the rhythm of doing evening ritual. It was really nice to soak in the sun’s energy with a great morning event.

ALG will be performing the Raleigh Pagan Pride Day opening ceremony in September. Be sure to attend the next ALG moot in July.

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