August: ALG Meeting


When: August 13th, 2007
Where: Barnes and Noble bookstore at Maynard/Walnut – Cary. Here is map.
When: @7:30pm

The lunar calendar is used for meetings dates. We meet each month on the first Monday after the New Moon.

August News:

  • Lughnasadh Faire planned for August 11th – Matt Hilliard-Pinkston

Previous News:

1. I’ve established a website for the grove:

2. The members present agreed:
-we don’t want to require membership in any specific environmental organization
-we have established a ‘Environmental Values Committee’ to guide our grove efforts
-that we would align with the National Arbor Day Foundation
-we would begin work on planting ‘sacred groves’ and registering them with OBOD in the ‘sacred grove registry’
-ken would get in contact with town of holly springs and check on a location we could establish our first grove of trees
-do a trash cleanup of river/stream TBD

3. Ken to investigate other message/forum boards for use by the grove

4. The grove will be dedicated to:
-Action, environmental improvement, sacred grove project, living green
-Learning, supporting members on the path to enlightenment through Order of Bards Ovates and Druids
-Ritual, participating in the Wheel of the Year celebrations with our membership

5. Need to write article:
-Touchstone OBOD – first swag by Matt
-Ad in Innerchange


Meeting Agenda:

Review open items above

New items?


Benefit from Community

  • Opportunity to make new friends, pick up new ideas.
  • Help everyone to feel confident in their spiritual practice and connection with Earth.


Membership Contributions to the Bardic Arts


Jeremy Edwards: Author of ‘The Stonehenge Effect – Brander’

Ken Webster: Professionally Trained Life/Spiritual/Strategy Coach. See my blog to get more information and schedule a sample session ‘Helping you find the compass within’. Contact Ken at

Cherie Lassiter: Musician and Songwriter

Reading Ideas
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Celtic Spirituality. This book is a really great introduction to Druidism and has all kinds of historical references up to developing your own spiritual practice. This could be a good primer for new members to our grove that hasn’t enrolled with a Druid organization yet. Check it out..


OBOD Links of Interest to the Grove Member:


What is Druidry?

Ethics and Values

About the Order

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