Time Travel

There is no magickal act as practical and useful as the art of controlling personal presence. That capability alone is nothing short than time travel itself. The mastering of the tempo of the mind, to not be in the future with anxiety nor the past with regrets, but balanced on the head of a pin in the very moment of existence. -sundruid

The Magick Circle – A Practical Guide for Samhuinn

Any circle you may perform magickally is a construct to keep your mind focused. It is not required to do any healing work, or workings in general.

When we do public ritual with moving parts and invocations, we move ritual participants in and out of the circle. In this specific case, some entry and exits will occur. In the ritual of Samhuinn, we invoke the Cailleach and she enters the circle and is ritually brought forward for the purpose of the Rite. In a poetic way, we drew the Cailleach from the energy in each of us.

If you reference modern thought on magick circles and magick in general, you’ll see advice not to get too hung up on constructs cause you’re just weakening your own magick capabilities by relying on them. Kerr Cuhulain in his book ‘Full Contact Magick’ is a great reference guide for more contemporary quantum thought on Magick and less 18th century ‘mechanicalism’. His book is very much in line with the OBOD traditional thoughts on the subject (druid and ovate grade) and expands a bit on areas of Magick that aren’t heavily outlined by the order.

I have a few hard rules I use for our public rituals. This is to keep them grounded well and understood by a wide range of participants that may or may not be druids:

  • Don’t let people leave or join a circle where deep work is taking place (judgement call of the ritual leader). The energy being added or taken away is far more disruptive than crossing some imaginary boundary, though they are related loosely to understand who has ‘joined’ or ‘left’ the circle, or merely watching. You have to be strong practitioner to do public ritual because you are limited in your control of geography.
  • I ensure that we always do a standard opening and closing based on OBOD tradition. This creates sacred space (less about boundary) and more of a sacred place within each participant.
  • Certain level of uniformity in dress and ritual tools for the main directions and principals of the ritual. This shows unity and balance of the circle – also is a powerful effect on the dignity of the Rite itself.