Druid Camp 2012 Recap

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful camp this year. We had a big turn out, about 13 – with a few day campers too. Next year we may have to find a bigger group campsite to get us all in. We had a great program, everyone learned something new to fit into their spiritual practice, and the topic was geared this year to Druidry and Shamanism.

We enjoyed the blessing of Water in the form of a deluge Saturday night.. Wow.. 2 days before, 10% chance of rain, to 100% chance of rain and over an inch fell on us. We stayed dry though – sort of. The camp drained well and we all have a fun story to tell. The rain waited till the end of our day program, which has been the typical synchronicity of our druid grove.

Beltane ceremony and Bardic initiation was observed Sunday morning in a large clearing near our camp area. The rain had subsided, and the location was a beautiful place for ritual. We had wonderful ceremony with 7 OBOD Bards accepting the first EVER initiation by Awen’s Light Grove.

After totaling up the expenses, we’re still short about $200 though. I’d like to make up about half of that, and our Secret Druid Patrons will cover the other half. So, if your heart and wallet are in alignment, please go to the website, hit the ‘donate’ link and pitch in for these expenses. Some of you have already provided extra, both on Paypal and in person, and I give you a BIG druid blessing and an organizer THANK YOU!

We had great quality speakers for both last year’s camp and this year. We also have Pagan Pride Days coming up, and we’ll have expenses with that coming too. Your contribution keeps us ‘out there’ in the world, growing our cause and spirituality and makes for a group that is active, contacted and whole. 🙂

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