National Association of Earth Religions?

Most organizations collect together under an association to help manage public image, speak with one professional voice, lobby for rights and offers assistance with the media by pooling resources and a cohesive message.

Except for Earth Centered Religions.

This has become painfully apparent after the breaking news of Christine O’Donnell and her mis-characterizations of Wicca. Though I’m sure that the media has been deluged with thousands of  Wiccans reaching out (representing a small group of the estimated over 1 million in the Earth Centered religion population) the movement is lucky that the press didn’t go off on a tangent of just printing any retort that has most likely been sent to them.

Wicca has come a long way, battling against the slurs of ‘witch’ and other innocuous terms that are now levied in a tone of judgement, to the Pentagram symbol being an accepted on Arlington cemetery headstones for service members. The press for the most part is letting this die rather quickly and many interviews – even from her Democrat challenger, Chris Coons – said that the ‘revelation’ doesn’t matter.

But the question remains “is anyone really able to respond to this outrage for the community from any authority of representation”?

What do you think?

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