Polytheism isn’t that hard to adopt – just let go of dualism

I’ve come to the realization years ago that everything is made of energy. Guess that’s not so tough as the latest minds in physics are expounding the same concept.

For me, this leads me to a comfortable place of ’spiritual relativity’. Not values, mind you, but the idea that if all things are made of energy, then personifications of different energies make poetic sense. Of the thousands of gods that men and women have created, each has a name, a focus and a custom that makes it unique and special to the culture that identified it. Doesn’t even have to be unique – many god and goddess tales are not much different than the ancient pagan counter part or simply different cultures that may not be separated by time. An example here would be Mithras and Jesus – same birthday – different astrological sign and energy. Jesus is of the Picsean age and Mithras of the Taurean age. They are both celestial deities marking the procession of the Equinoxes and marking the Solstice.

Once we accept that this universe is made up of different energies that can be linked to archetypal ideas or perhaps link into the ancient archetypes represented by astrology, tarot or what have you, it is easier to make sense of religion with our 21st century minds – seeing it in a much more poetic, harmonious way.

Our minds and modern thinking want to dissect, understand and have logical comprehension of our universe, whatever that truly means. Where the ancient mind was much more satisfied with the poetic description of things they didn’t understand, we now draw a left-brained conclusion and compare to that to the paradigm we’ve developed in our objective thinking methods. This is good – I’m not trying to go retro – but there are many things that are “right-brained” centered that make up the fullness of life and we as a society need to honor and respect that. If we don’t, we fall prey to cynicism and disillusionment.

I found that allowing poetry to describe life from time to time adds balance and harmony to my existence. Those feelings of mystery and wonderment are the intangibles in life that make it worth exploring. Accepting many different deities in one’s life enriches us to the understanding that the universe is broad and diverse. Its an exciting place full of deities.

One thought on “Polytheism isn’t that hard to adopt – just let go of dualism

  1. Hi! I liked watching how you shared your think through this post. I can make an assumption and thus, make the jump to your reference to dualism, though it would only be an assumption. Would you mind posting more on the dualism portion of your title? Perhaps I missed the communication or misread, if so, many pardons.


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